Slingshot: The Beginning

In 2001, The Dallas Morning News did a feature on Owen and the opening of Slingshot’s offices in the historic Awalt building. Back then, Owen offered a unique approach to advertising he called “Marketing in the Age of Distraction®”. Celebrating our 20th anniversary, we’ve come a long way since then, but Owen’s philosophy still holds true today.

That consumer insight is actually the foundation of what Slingshot today calls Marketing in an Age of Distraction®. Today, the media landscape has fragmented exponentially, social media is consuming consumers’ time and yet they’re still watching hours of television – many times while doing it all at once. Yet, if you follow the advice from this 2001 article, you will still find a solution that reaches people where they are spending their time and focusing their attention.

Slingshot OwenOwen was quoted saying, “If you place your message in a smaller environment that’s a destination for people looking at information, you’re much more likely to find someone willing to interact with your message.”

If you’re interested in more thinking about reaching consumers in this age of distraction, check out Owen’s blog.

Posted Thu, Jan 21, 2016 by Slingshot in Marketing in the Age of Distraction®