W3 peat

We’re proud to announce Slingshot took home three Golds in this year’s W3 Awards. That’s big! Considering the trophies weigh about five pounds each, it’s even bigger. Good thing Owen had the trophy case rebuilt.

In case you’re wondering, the W3 Awards are “the first major web competition to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms and everyone in between.” We were up against some big name agencies that submitted some pretty innovative and well-publicized work. Always feels good slaying those goliaths!

The winners include:


We tasked Texans to use the #TexasToDo hashtag across social platforms to “show us their Texas.” We then pulled #TexasToDo images onto and made filterable categories to help visitors discover all the Lone Star State’s must-sees. We generated highly engaged site traffic, and CTRs exceeded the industry average by more than three times.

Texas Tourism Hulu Rich Media

We created an interactive video designed to immerse the audience in the Texas travel experience. The video employed a “Texas Passport” to represent the tagline, “It’s Like a Whole Other Country.” Viewers could open the passport and flip through it to see different videos, points of view and locations throughout the state. The unit saw a CTR 4.5 times the industry average. 

URL Ransom

For as long as Slingshot had, David Angelo of David & Goliath wanted it. So we gave him an ultimatum: pay up if you ever want to see your precious URL. For one week, we sent David Angelo ransom videos that were also posted on In the videos, two ridiculous hostage takers – who you might recognize as two ridiculous Slingshot ACDs – torture the URL with everything from a hip hop hamster to a piping hot pan of pain. In the end, David Angelo ponied up the ransom in the form of a charitable donation to the Slingshot Foundation. His URL was saved and we received major press, including AgencySpy, Yahoo and MediaPost, among the more than 200 media impressions.

We’d like to thank everyone who worked on those campaigns. We’d also like to give a special thanks to our clients for helping make it all possible. Word of advice when putting the trophies in the new trophy case: lift with your legs. They really are that heavy… and awesome.

Posted Wed, Dec 21, 2016 by Slingshot LLC in News