Corner Bakery

Taking to the streets to drive people to The Corner.



Traditional outdoor boards used delicious food imagery and playful headlines to introduce new menu items. We also developed digital outdoor boards that served up differing menu items based on the time of day.

New Pushdown 1
New Pushdown 2


Banner ads and rich media placements served different messages based on the time of day. This allowed us to provide relevant messaging throughout the day and promote breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

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We used a mix of guerilla tactics and high-impact out-of-home media to get hyper-local. Mobile billboard trucks and Segways towing mini billboards crisscrossed the market. Brand ambassadors with jetpacks served samples of hot coffee and cool lemonade. Train wraps and transit posters helped drive traffic to specific store locations.

Digital Banners


In addition to desktop banners, mobile ads were placed on food and city guide sites to promote locations in the market.

Corner Bakery Cafe came to Slingshot looking for a way to increase visibility and visits in Chicago and Washington D.C. Our goal was to get local, and since Corner Bakery offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, we also wanted to demonstrate their menu variety. We used a combination of geo-targeted media, guerilla tactics and day-parted digital media to drive traffic to stores across the market. Tell me more about this project.

Corner Bakery

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