Who We Are

CIRCA 46 was established with a singular mission: to provide marketing communications services to those businesses that wish to target the growing senior market. 

CIRCA 46 combines a high level of knowledge and understanding of the senior market with Slingshot’s mastery of the most current advertising technology to give our clients a marketing edge they can’t get from other advertising agencies.

Owen Hannay

Meet Owen Hannay, Marketing Guru and Digital Pioneer. The year was 1995 and the advertising world was about to be turned on its head by this thing called the internet. Owen charged full tilt into the fray, trying to find ways to blend this new technology with proven, traditional marketing strategies and thinking. The result was Slingshot, the advertising agency Owen founded and continues as CEO. A Dallas native, Owen earned his undergraduate degree from University of Virginia and his MBA from SMU.


Paul Flowers

Four-decade ad veteran. Award-winning author. Listed in the inaugural edition of Who’s Who In Advertising. Paul’s work has been recognized locally, regionally and nationally. His book, Underdog Advertising®, was winner of Best Books National Book Awards. He is a Business Leadership Center instructor at Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. When it comes to understanding the seniors market, Paul not only has life experience, he is accredited by The Society of Certified Senior Advisors.