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Increasing Visits By Leaving Stereotypes Behind. 



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The Challenge: Redefining an Iconic Destination

Dallas has a lot going for it in the hearts and minds of leisure travelers. The city is known for big nightlife, big sports, and big shopping. Put simply, it’s known for being “big.”

But it’s no secret that Dallas is one of the most stereotyped cities in the U.S. Anyone who lives here knows that the big hair and cowboy hat cliches are just that — old cliches that don’t reflect who Dallas is anymore. There’s far more to Dallas, including the sort of diverse, culturally rich experiences many people think are found only in the likes of New York or San Francisco.

Slingshot and Visit Dallas set out to change perceptions and to give leisure travelers all-new reasons to visit a city we know and love, fiercely. 

Engaging Today's Culturally-Driven Traveler

To succeed, we needed to fully reposition the city with travelers and show them a side of Dallas they had never seen. That meant no boots, cowboy hats, or other outdated clichés. After all, this is a city that’s home to the largest contiguous arts district in the country. A city with a restaurant scene often hailed among the nation’s best. And a city known as among the most LGBTQ+ friendly in the country.

Dallas truly is a city rich with meaningful experiences for everyone. In other words, it’s the perfect place to Find Your All.


Whatever Your All Is, You'll Find It In Dallas

Dallas is a very inclusive, culturally diverse place where people of all backgrounds can come, visit and find the things they love and connect with most. And that’s the story we set out to tell with the Find Your All campaign. That "finding your all” isn’t just about finding things to do, it’s about the things that fulfill you. And if you’re looking for your all, you’ll find it in Dallas.

To bring this idea to life, we wanted to take potential travelers to the places in Dallas they never knew existed. To do this, we focused on unique, intimate experiences you can only find in Dallas, and we paired them with cues to let potential visitors know exactly where to find them. And every touch point encouraged people to visit the website to learn more.

Our work is still ongoing, but we couldn’t be happier with the results. This has been the most successful awareness campaign Visit Dallas has had in years. Every measure is significantly up, including, “Place I’d Like to Visit,” “Place I’d Like to Take My Family,” and “Likelihood to Recommend,” just to name a few.

What Visit Dallas
Means To Us

“I love seeing all of our work in the marketplace when I'm traveling away from home. There's definitely a sense of pride, especially when I'm an extra in the shot! It's my claim to fame courtesy of Visit Dallas.”

Phoebe Moore
Management Supervisor, Slingshot

“It's difficult to describe how rewarding it is to work with Visit Dallas. Growing up in the Dallas area the majority of my life, I always felt like our city was always misrepresented. To be able to proactively change that narrative and showcase the great cultural aspects of our city is something I never take for granted.”

Donnie Hogan
Director of Digital Strategy, Slingshot

"When I moved to Dallas I never imagined I'd stay. Yet here I am, loving it and raising a family here. This city truly welcomed me, and I feel like working on Visit Dallas has given me the chance to shout from the rooftops all the reasons I choose to call this city home."

Bennett Holloway Smith
Group Creative Director, Slingshot

Dallas is one of the most culturally diverse, vibrant cities in the nation. It’s also one of the most misunderstood, which makes for one heck of a great branding and marketing challenge – a challenge everyone at Slingshot has been thrilled to embrace.

David Coats
VP of Strategy, Slingshot