UT Southwestern O'Donnell Brain Institute

At the forefront of a new frontier: The brain.


Investing in Humanity

We needed to convince donors that giving to the Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute was more than the simple act of a donation; it was an investment in the future of humanity. To do that, we had to help O’Donnell stand out from the sea of other medical institutions vying for donor dollars.

How? Knowing that most medical websites look as clinical as hospitals, we decided to ditch the white wall look. Our approach for O’Donnell’s new website was to feature rich, striking visuals that embody the magnitude of the work being done there.

For the front door of the website, we created a marquee film that told the story of doctors on a grand expedition to explore the brain – the last true medical frontier.


A Grand Expedition

Once on the website, viewers were introduced to a collection of stories about the doctors, who are the true pioneers of The O’Donnell Brain Institute.

To highlight the work they embark on daily, we created a series of long-form, documentary-style videos. Each video features a deep dive on one doctor and the magnitude of their work.