Thyssen Krupp

Building a better elevator.


Elevating Sales


Raising Expectations

ThyssenKrupp’s newest elevator was the most technologically advanced lift system, requiring less space, using less energy and saving more money than any other elevator. We were tasked with establishing their elevator as the most cutting edge lift system, selling 400 units and positioning ThyssenKrupp as the thought leader in the elevator industry. But, getting people excited about something as mundane as elevators, even innovative ones, can be a challenge.

We created a series of print ads that ran adjacent to native articles articulating the how advanced the new lift system was in B2B industry publications like Elevator World. The ad’s eye-catching visuals and intriguing copy gave people a reason to further look into ThyssenKrupp.

The campaign paid off, elevating ThyssenKrupp to the top of lift system thought leadership, showing the industry how advanced their new elevator was and, most importantly, exceeding sales goals by 25%. The ads even made waves outside of the elevator industry and were featured in Communication Arts.