Shell Fuel Rewards

Turning fuel savings into a game.


Registering Results


Spin to Save

Shell and the Fuel Rewards Network needed a way to drive program registration in test markets. Reasearch showed that when people recieved as little as 5¢ off per gallon, they felt like they hit the jackpot. We used this insight as the basis behind Spin to Save.

The game was simple, just spin the prize wheel and whatever value you landed on was the discount you would receive on your next fill-up after registering. A few lucky winners even landed on a free fill-up or the grand prize, free fuel for a year. We also built in a 5¢ referal bonus for each friend who registered, increasing word-of-mouth awareness.

The simplicity and thrill of hitting the jackpot exploded on Facebook, blogs and other social media­–turns out people really love to save at the pump.

Pumping Up the Experience

We brought Spin to Save to life by building a larger than life pump complete with a built-in touchscreen kiosk, sound effects and plenty of flashing lights. People would step up, spin the wheel, see what they won and then complete their registration on iPads. We set up the Spin to Save experience at events, malls and even a 5K in New Orleans.