Holiday Cheer

A collection of Slingshot's jolliest work.


The Most Wonderful Assignment of the Year


There’s nothing quite like the holidays, right? Tasty treats everywhere, dazzling lights all over, and an increase in cheery mail. Each year at Slingshot, it’s at the top of our wish list to blow away our clients and friends by spreading holiday cheer the best way we know how: creativity. Whether it’s an innovative idea from us to our clients, or for our clients to send to their clients, our creative elves have built up quite the reputation over the years.

The Wonder of Adulting

Last year we noticed that holiday toy catalogs were beginning to make a comeback, which begged the question: why are kids the only ones who get nice things!?

To change that, we created a wish book filled with items for responsible adults to enjoy during the holiday season.


Lowery Property Advisors

Our friends at LPA work tirelessly to serve their clients all year long. Which means that by the time the end of the year rolls around they’re ready to have some fun. And, we’re happy to help them do just that.


Appraising Santa’s Workshop

LPA specializes in delivering commercial real estate appraisals for properties of all kinds. Seriously–you name it, they’ll appraise it. So, for LPA’s 2018 holiday card Slingshot came up with the idea to do a comical appraisal of Santa’s workshop. The clever, in-depth analysis of the big guy’s stomping grounds was a pretty big hit with LPA’s customers.


Forget the Elf: Introducing, The Appraiser on the Shelf

LPA is relentlessly focused on serving their clients with expert property valuations and innovative solutions. For their 2019 holiday card, it was only right to introduce the world to their latest innovation: The Appraiser on the Shelf. We dreamt up the Elf on the Shelf’s less famous, yet much more professional cousin and brought him to life through custom illustrations. Once he was grown and ready, the trusted elfin took flight from the workshop to spread laughter, cheer and the most festive appraisal advice.


Haynes and Boone Law

Haynes and Boone is a successful, international law firm, and they enlisted us to help create a holiday card that told the world they were both a globally represented and seamlessly united firm. We delivered with a trilogy unlike any other.


The Card of All Cards 

To help Haynes & Boone spread some holiday cheer, our concept featured a vast collection of business cards with names and addresses from all over the world and brought them together to form a holiday greeting through a magical animation. The concept was such a success that our team went on to animate their business cards in uniquely festive ways for two more holiday seasons. Not only were the animations a blast to produce, but our trilogy also collected a Gold Addy, numerous honorable mentions and the winning title of Above the Law’s annual holiday card contest.

Holiday Greetings From Slingshot

While coming up with creative holiday greetings for our clients is pretty darn fun, there’s an excitement unlike any other when it comes to Slingshot’s own annual holiday card. Each year, we take serious pride in taking our brand of clever, holiday cheer to the next level. Here’s a look at some of our most festive favorites.


Salted Rim, Please

Texans face the same gripe every holiday season: we hardly ever get to see it snow. And no, that fleeting forecast of frozen rain doesn’t count. 2019 was the year that we just couldn’t take it anymore. So, per usual, we channeled our frustration into creativity and came up with one of our best holiday cards yet. Through the magic of Augmented Reality and with the help of our friends at Flight School, we delivered a cold and frosty surprise for all of our clients and friends.


Behold! The Holiday Loaf

It’s an age-old holiday truth, trying REALLY hard to resist the surplus of sweet treats that pile up each holiday season. They make themselves at home on desks and in break rooms, tempting us to indulge at every turn. It’s a deliciously draining battle, and we were hell-bent on finding a way to win it.

Enter: The Slingshot Holiday Loaf. We gathered all the usual, tempestuous suspects: whole pies, cartons of eggnog, tins of popcorn –you name it– and we baked them into a delicious mini loaf. We were thrilled to conquer the battle and give our friends and clients the freedom to indulge in all their favorite treats, just on a much smaller, guilt-free scale.