Guaranty Bank & Trust

The bank that invests in people, above all else.


Growing Because We Help You Grow

Guaranty Bank & Trust is one of the oldest and most respected banks with deep roots in East Texas. From catching up over coffee to standing by your side as you close on a new home, this small-town community bank is 100% driven by the success of their customers. But, given the ever-changing banking landscape and Guaranty’s expansion into bigger markets, they were struggling to connect with their younger, more urban consumers.

To raise awareness and ultimately drive conversion, we gave Guaranty an ownable platform with the Growing Because We Help You Grow campaign. We wanted to remind consumers that even in today’s fast-paced world, you don’t have to settle for a bank that cares more about themselves than your growth. To do this, we introduced a series of less than ideal bankers and juxtaposed them with the banker who genuinely wants to know and help their customers, the Guaranty banker.

A Fresh Look

In addition to video, we elevated Guaranty’s brand identity with a few subtle touches. We updated their photography with images that portrayed the Guaranty bankers in a positive light in shots with a more natural setting (which made the bad bankers stick out like a sore thumb). Plus, we introduced a new type treatment and wrote copy that would still captivate consumers in media units that did not support imagery.