The Dallas Museum of Art

The art of increasing foot traffic. 


Bringing High Art Down to Earth

So many people are apprehensive about visiting art museums because they perceive them as stuffy, pretentious and reserved for members of the elite. Our task was to make the art and exhibits at the DMA feel exciting and accessible to everyone.

Calling All Free Thinkers

The DMA wanted to create a welcoming experience for a new generation of art-goers and show them that art is for everyone.

We created a friendly, and somewhat ironic radio spokesperson, to help break down outdated stereotypes and show audiences that there’s no wrong way to look at art. After all, at the DMA, you’re free to think as you please.

Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion

Dutch fashion designer, Iris van Herpen's other-worldly exhibit was landing at the DMA. To build intrigue leading up to the opening, we ran video in the museum lobby and on owned channels. 

Since her work was comprised of unconventional materials like, 3-D printing, resin and magnets, we used a technical graphic approach. To juxtapose that, we selected music that played up the haunting beauty of her pieces.

Truth – 24 Frames Per Second

This video ran on the DMA's owned channels and in their lobby as a way to get the conversation started prior to the opening of the museum's first ever time-based media exhibit featuring the work of 24 pioneers of video and film. 

The tricky part was, we couldn't show ANY of the actual video or film because it would steal thunder from the exhibit. So, we created this piece instead which teased the exhibit and seeded the polarizing topics it addressed using newspaper-like headlines and art house-style footage. 

Challenging Traditional Media Techniques

The DMA wanted to position themselves as the first choice destination for arts and cultural interests in the region. Historically, they relied only on traditional media outlets to help drive interest and visitation, but were looking to test digital support. Slingshot was tasked with putting together a digital media plan that would help increase visits to their exhibitions and drive online ticket sales throughout the year.

Full Funnel Strategy

We provided coverage throughout the marketing sales funnel in order to nurture potential museum goers from prospects to converters. To do this we used a mix of awareness-based and conversion-based tactics in order to properly fill the funnel:

  • Awareness: streaming video, including CTV, and mobile interstitials for high impact/large screen takeovers
  • Conversion: Facebook, Instagram, paid search, and programmatic display were used to efficiently reach qualified consumers with sophisticated targeting


Additionally, we used targeting strategies to effectively reach the right audience for each individual exhibit, including:

  • Behavioral and historical mobile location targeting to identify qualified prospects based on the consumers’ past page visits, searches, clicks, purchases, locations etc.
  • Contextual targeting to deliver ads to those who were already consuming relevant entertainment or cultural content
  • Site Retargeting to re-message those who had visited the site but had not yet make a purchase and to push them further down the conversion funnel
  • Lookalike targeting to identify and target users who shared similar attributes/behaviors to those who had already made a ticket purchase online

The Resulting Masterpiece