The Dallas Museum of Art

The art of increasing foot traffic. 


Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion

Dutch fashion designer, Iris van Herpen's other-worldly exhibit was landing at the DMA. To build intrigue leading up to the opening, we ran video in the museum lobby and on owned channels. 

Since her work was comprised of unconventional materials like, 3-D printing, resin and magnets, we used a technical graphic approach. To juxtapose that, we selected music that played up the haunting beauty of her pieces.

Truth - 24 Frames Per Second

This video ran on the DMA's owned channels and in their lobby as a way to get the conversation started prior to the opening of the museum's first ever time-based media exhibit featuring the work of 24 pioneers of video and film. 

The tricky part was, we couldn't show ANY of the actual video or film because it would steal thunder from the exhibit. So, we created this piece instead which teased the exhibit and seeded the polarizing topics it addressed using newspaper-like headlines and art house-style footage. 

Bringing High Art Down to Earth

So many people are apprehensive about visiting an art museums because they perceive them as stuffy, pretentious and reserved for members of the elite.

With the creation of a friendly, and somewhat ironic radio spokesman, we helped the DMA make it their duty to break down those outdated stereotypes and appeal to a new generation of art-goers by welcoming everyone to experience art. Because, at the DMA, you’re free to think as you please.