Corner Bakery

Serving up the right message when and where people are hungry for it.


Fresh Results


A Trend of Sales Going Stale

Corner Bakery had been a longtime player in the Chicago fast-casual dining scene, but compared to neighboring concepts like Panera, Jason’s Deli and Chipotle, the chain was beginning to fall by the wayside in the minds of consumers, resulting in a steady decline in soft sales.

Corner Bakery needed to reestablish their relevance in Chicago and remind consumers of the delicious meals they offer at any time of day in order to drive traffic to stores in this urban market.

The Right Message at the Right Time

Our research indicated that time of day was an important driver for consumers as it directly correlates to “what you are hungry for” and “when you are hungry for it.” With this insight in mind, our creative, media and programming teams put their heads together to craft a solution that would serve up appetite appeal and drive transactions.

With an innovative spirit, we powered our creative rotation dynamically to command the attention of our consumers. We day-parted creative featuring different menu items served at relevant times of day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for both online and out-of-home platforms. Our digital units pulled the current time into the ad itself, automatically triggering the correct copy and image. And, our out of home units consisted of RSS-feed billboards with commuter-specific messages installed on rail platforms along major transit routes. 


Mama Duck and Her Ducklings

Our mission to lift sales and transactions in urban locations was faced with a small problem: We needed more buzz, but wallscapes in the right spaces were cost-prohibitive and/or sold out. So, we invented our own media inventory that we affectionately called “Mama Duck and the Baby Ducklings.” It was an eye-catching unit made up of a wrapped mobile billboard truck followed by Segways pulling mini billboards. Our units caravanned through the market on a route that crisscrossed competitor locations, and allowed Segway drivers to hand out coupons.


Boosting Visits From the Street

We didn’t stop there. To increase exposure and create a positive brand experience, we upped our street presence. For starters, our Segway teams covered ground independent of their billboards to share smiles and coupons with Chicagoans. We also deployed “jetpack squads” to distribute coupons along with hot coffee and cool lemonade during specific day-parts in the cold and warm flights. The ghostbuster-esque squad served as friendly ambassadors of the brand, and even snagged honorable mentions from local radio shows. Mission accomplished.