Canyon Falls

A community waiting to be discovered.




The Challenge 

Our client, Newland is known for creating fully inspired places. Each community they have a hand in is thoughtfully built from the ground up, considering the needs of potential residents and maintaining the integrity of the land. When we partnered with Newland in 2017, we were introduced to Canyon Falls: a community inspired by the wonders of nature set on the scenic outskirts of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Everything about Canyon Falls was inviting, and the residents who lived there loved the natural retreat it provided. But, it was missing a story, which created a disconnect with potential residents, and perpetuated the misconception that living here meant sacrificing the conveniences of life in DFW. So, we set out to give this community a story that truly captured the essence of life at Canyon Falls.


A New Kind of Creative Process

What do you get when you mix a spot-on strategy, a respect for collaboration and an expedited timeline? Agile Creative.

Born out of the way tech companies handle development projects, Slingshot launched Agile Creative in 2017. This was our answer to something we’ve heard clients asking for; a more nimble, more collaborative creative process.

How does it work? Our clients, strategy and creative teams agree on “The Brief,” then over the course of 5-7 days the creative team goes off for dedicated periods of idea generation, with several client touch points in between. On the final day, everyone collectively agrees on the best big idea for the brand. For Canyon Falls, this is where Waiting to Be Discovered was born; an idea inspired by the community’s unique location and its more natural way of living.


Waiting to Be Discovered

Canyon Falls isn’t like other neighborhoods; it’s uniquely situated along Graham Creek Branch, where rolling hills and winding trails invite residents to enjoy a more natural life. It’s a rural retreat from the hum of the metroplex, but it’s still within reach of excellent schools, shopping, dining and entertainment. It’s your next great adventure, and it’s just waiting to be discovered.

When thinking about how to visualize this idea, nature guides and field notes came to mind, as they naturally hint at discovery. So, we gave all of our creative a nod to our inspiration with nature-focused photography, handwritten fonts and topographic textures.