Slingshot Scholarship and Summer Internship


This scholarship program is open to all qualified applicants, but is designed to provide  undergraduate students who have been historically underrepresented in the advertising industry, focusing on students of color, an opportunity to intern during the summer at Slingshot. The student selected will be awarded a $2,500 scholarship* and a paid summer internship. We are looking for passionate individuals, who are seeking to forge their career in Advertising and Marketing. In this position, you’ll be working on real client work and will gain the experience and knowledge necessary for a future career in Advertising.


Application Period For Summer 2024 Internships Is Now Closed.

Internship Requirements

All Candidates
  • Currently a Junior or Senior enrolled in an undergraduate or advertising portfolio program, or a recent college graduate
  • 2.5+ GPA
Creative Candidates
  • If enrolled in portfolio school or undergraduate creative track, must provide a link to your website demonstrating concepting and design capabilities
  • Art Directors: must be proficient with Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
  • Copywriters: must have the ability to work in short, medium, and long forms

Internship Details

As an advertising intern at Slingshot, aka, Slingtern, you’ll get lots of hands-on experience. And not the grabbing coffee kind of experience either. The talking to clients, making media plans, digging for insights, coming up with killer ideas kind of experience that gets you prepared for the real world.

The Slingshot Internship is a 10-week program that gives you first-hand experience working on real clients in a real-life advertising agency. Think of it as an entry-level position with a little more learning and guidance.

Don’t worry; we’re not expecting you to figure it all out alone; that’s why you’ll have your own personal mentor. They will help guide you through the exciting world of advertising, show you how the coffee pot works, and remind you that there are no dumb questions.

Because our clients’ needs are ever-evolving, each position's projects will vary, but all the Slingterns will come together to complete an intern project. This project will be for a real client and led by the entire intern class with a final client presentation at the end of your internship.

All in all, if you’re looking to break into the advertising industry, the Slingshot Internship is a pretty good place to start.

Check back in late 2024 for more information about our 2025 Summer internship program and scholarship.


*Disclaimer: Scholarship will be paid the first pay period of employment and will be reduced by all applicable federal and state taxes.

Internship Department Options


Responsible for determining paid media channels (e.g. TV, radio, print, out of home, digital, paid search, paid social) for advertising and reaching target audience in the most effective way possible. From layering on cross-device or cross-platform tech, using analytics to inform buys, choosing partners based on highest performing results, and much more.

Account Management

Builds human connections with existing clients and potential new clients, as well as internally with our creative, media, strategy and operations team members by providing strategic insights and facilitating cross-team collaboration for stronger, more powerful, more relevant campaigns. They’re also fiscally responsible - managing client budgets and account profitability for the agency. When they’re not scheduling status meetings or celebratory happy hours, they’re maintaining project timelines, meeting notes and other project management duties.


Creative art directors and copywriters bring advertising to life through collaboration with clients and internal teams. This includes print ads, TV commercials, display banners, social media, brand identity, production, websites, and much more.


Tackles strategy with a focus on what really connects people and the brands they choose. Includes consumer research, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, brand positioning, competitive analysis, user experience (UX), and more. Their holistic approach uncovers all new opportunities for differentiation and growth, then they work with the client and internal teams to put the right plan in place to make it happen. 

About Slingshot

We’re Slingshot, an independent advertising and marketing agency in Dallas, Texas. Slingshot was founded by Owen Hannay in 1995 and we are one of the largest independent firms in the Southwest. We believe that “Human Connections create Growth”, not only with our brand and clients but within our agency as well. We’re collaborators, sidekicks and partners who politely challenge each other to bring it every single day. Our talents, styles and personalities come in many shapes, but together, we fit perfectly.