What your Thursday beer cart choice says about you

When we hear the beer cart roll through the office come 4PM on Thursdays, it's inevitable that there's a reason to raise a glass. Maybe the creatives have just finished up a kickass print ad, or account management has just one more project kickoff to squeeze in before closing time. Or maybe the beer we helped name for Texas Motor Speedway (No Limits Checkered Past from Denton's Audacity Brew House) was just released. Whatever the cause for celebration, the beer cart also fulfills the critical function of ushering in Friday.

Of course, there are choices to be made when the beer cart shows up at your desk, and clearly, clearly, your beer selection says something about your overall psyche. Here’s our pop (beer?) psychology about what your beer cart selection says about you: 

Dallas Blonde

You know stereotypes were made to be broken, so you grab a Dallas Blonde, a product of our local Deep Ellum Brewing Company. You’re just getting into craft beer, and the yellow can with a babydoll wearing a crown caught your attention, because, well, marketing works sometimes. It doesn’t hurt that inside the can is a refreshing, citrusy blonde ale.

Bud Light

You're pacing yourself, which is admirable. While other people chase trends and concern themselves with hops and IBUs and all of that noise, you're enjoying the same subtle flavors you have since college. Nothing fancy here, just an appreciation for a beer that's been everywhere with you. 


You're probably handier around the office than most, and you see the value in a Bud Heavy, a beer from when beers meant something. You might yell at kids to get off of your lawn; Clint Eastwood is your role model. You think “listicles” like this one are silly, and you don't see the point in "going meta." 

Slingshotimage1 Copy

Shiner Light Blonde

Friday Night Lights is your favorite book/movie/TV show; you’ve floated multiple rivers; you have favorite Hill Country barbecue shacks you hit up every spring when the bluebonnets bloom. You love Texas, even if you're a transplant, and you enjoy the fact that you can get a taste of Shiner for only 99 calories. 

Blood & Honey

You like the reaction you get from your Bud Light-drinking co-workers when you order this mysteriously named wheat ale from Granbury’s Revolver Brewing. You know the best bars in Dallas for local brews, and you have a growler collection that’s beginning to strain your relationship. Because as you well know, significant others may come and go, but craft beer is forever. 

Blue Moon

You love patios, and you have a rotation you hit every weekend. Beer selection, clientele, type of food — none of it matters as long as there’s a patio, a long table for all of your friends and a beer that goes with fruit. It could be a Blue Moon; it could be something local. Doesn’t matter. Your one focus is to rule Dallas every spring, and you're pretty dang good at it. 

Now, the real question is, after reading this, will you stick to your beer cart staple or change allegiances? Just remember, it takes all kinds of Slingshotters to operate at maximum potential, so we embrace each and every one of our beer cart participants. Prost!

Posted Mon, Apr 18, 2016 by Slingshot in Fun