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Tick-Tock, Angelo

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We gave David Angelo of David & Goliath advertising in LA an ultimatum: pay up if you ever want to see your precious DavidAndGoliath.com

Since his agency’s inception, David Angelo has coveted the URL DavidAndGoliath.com, which was owned and used by Slingshot. When we switched to slingshot.com, rather than just handover the URL, we decided to have a little fun.

Each day for a week, we sent him humorous ransom videos featuring two of our Associate Creative Directors disguised as half-wit hostage takers torturing DavidAndGoliath.com with everything from a hip-hop hamster to a piping hot pan of pain. In the final video, they reveal their true identities and intention to raise money for Slingshot’s charitable foundation in exchange for the URL.

In the end, David Angelo ponied up the ransom and saved his URL. The stunt was a huge success, receiving a lot of attention from the media and advertising community at large. Adweek posted three features over the course of the 5-day prank, in addition to 225 press impressions spanning from MediaPost to Yahoo to bloggers and even Portugal.

Mention 1

Mention 2

Mention 3

The best outcome, however, is we were able to give the Slingshot Foundation a sizeable donation to help a local school in need. To express our thanks, we sent David Angelo an additional video showing DavidAndGoliath.com now free, relaxing on the beach in Santa Monica before making its way to his agency.

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