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We completely redesigned TravelTex.com, enabling users to explore all that Texas has to offer and set up their own Texas Passports to customize the perfect trip based on their interests. They can even book their trip right on the site. Explore the site here.


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Texas on Tour

Texas is a very large state that tends to have limited consumer knowledge of the diversity in destinations, activities, and cultural offerings that the state has to offer for a leisure vacation. Texas on Tour had been on the road for five years and the experience needed to be refreshed and updated. We had an opportunity to revamp the tour with the new campaign to expose consumers to Texas in fun, high-tech, and engaging ways that could educate and increase interest in the state.

Texas on Tour seeks to provide one-on-one experiences that:

  • Provide visitors a deeper engagement with the Texas brand in order to change perceptions and increase interest in Texas as a vacation destination.
  • Drive inquiries/action through Travel Guide requests and email newsletter registrations.

The centerpiece is a touch-based technology, the interactive “passport” platform allowing users to interact with, and learn more about, passion points that interest them. Consumers are transported to Texas through five different interactive experiences that correlated with five passion points—Dolphin Trainer (Family), Texas Jukebox (Music), Jet Ski (Beaches), Cattle Drive (Ranches & Rodeo) and Climb Texas (Outdoor). A group of brand ambassadors engaged with consumers in line with trivia and costume contests, and visitors were rewarded with giveaways and prizing for interacting with the footprint.

Texas Tourism NTW App

Mobile App

The Travel Texas mobile app enhances visitors’ experiences while traveling through Texas. They can check-in to activities and events, access their travel itinerary and find nearby restaurants, attractions and other places of interest.


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Texas is more than a state. It’s like a whole other country. So we developed more than just another state ad campaign. Utilizing a holistic, more personal approach our goal was to reach potential travelers in new, unexpected ways that interrupt their normal routine of media consumption – and bring Texas and its longstanding tagline to life in new and surprising ways.

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