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Juliet-Being Mom Gives Me Strength

Maura-Fighting Back Gives Me Strength

Nikia-My Voice Gives Me Strength

Dawn-Feeling Beautiful Gives Me Strength


What do a singer, martial artist, mother, and TV personality all have in common? Strength. These are the stories of four incredible survivors who refused to let breast cancer break their spirit. These are the stories we helped bring to life.

Leadership Conference Leave Behind

Komen Leadership Conference Leave Behind

To get Komen employees and affiliates excited about our new campaign, we decided to hand out something other than the typical marketing brochure. Instead, we created branded word magnets, so Komen team members could complete their own sentence about what gives them strength.

Susan G. Komen is single-handedly the largest breast cancer organization in the United States. For Komen, this means they have the financial, political and social support needed to actually make a difference. For some, this means they seem impersonal and all-too corporate. To alter perceptions and remind Americans that Komen fights for the individual, we created the “gives me strength” campaign. This new brand platform magnifies the inner-strength of real women like Nikia, Maura, Juliet and Dawn, and acknowledges what the non-profit is actively doing to help people like them.

Susan G. Komen

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