Pollo Campero

Making people cross the road for chicken.

Fence Wrap


As stores were being built, we turned the construction sites into media by designing fence wraps that introduced Pollo Campero.

Vendor Pics


To communicate that something new was coming to the neighborhood, we had “Scooter squads” towing mini billboards and handing out brochures within a three-mile radius of the new store. We also used outdoor “sidewalk” graphics to drive foot traffic.



In addition to in-store posters, table tents and menu signage, we also designed to-go & catering packaging. These colorful containers featured QR codes linking to the full menu and more information about Pollo Campero’s food.

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Display ads on food and music related sites like Yelp and Pandora helped communicate the brand concept and drive people to the new store locations.

Pollo Campero, a Latin fusion fast-casual restaurant, had developed a new look and updated logo for their new US prototype in hopes of expanding their reach to a broader demographic – the general market open-minded food lover. Our objective was to use innovative creative and media approaches to launch three new concept stores.

We used our proprietary Digitally Informed Planning™ process to look at consumer sentiment around “Latin” and saw that music and dance had a strong connection to the culture. We felt that Pollo Campero could own a space between sensory satisfaction and the Latin culture because it's a place that captures the “Rhythm of Latin Flavors”. This idea was central in our design and creative. Tell me more about this project.

Pollo Campero

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