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Spin to Save.



Visitors could click and drag the wheel to spin for a chance to save big. Each player could either spin again for a chance at a better prize or lock in their discount by registering for the program. A few lucky winners even landed a free fill-up or free fuel for one year.

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We even took the Spin to Save game on the road by building a larger than life pump with a touchscreen kiosk built in. People at events and in malls could step up, spin, and then complete their registration on iPads.

Shell and The Fuel Rewards Network came to Slingshot for help developing a promotion that would drive program registrations in a few test markets before rolling out nationally. Research showed people felt like getting as little as 5¢ off a gallon was like hitting a jackpot. We leveraged that insight to create Spin to Save, a digital and experiential promotion that took off almost instantly.

The idea was simple. Spin the prize wheel and whatever value you landed on was the discount you received on your first fill-up after registering. We also built in a referral bonus of and additional 5¢ off per gallon for each friend who registered. The game went viral and spread across blogs, Facebook and other social media sites. In the end we exceeded our goal and drove over 151,000 new registrations in the six-week test period. Tell me more about this project.

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