Elsie the Cow

Elsie the Cow makes a comeback.






We brought a few of Elsie’s quips about being a Mom to life in a series of stylized posters that were shared on Pinterest. Posters were also printed and displayed at events where Elsie makes live appearances. 

Elsie Facebook


We created a Facebook page for Elsie the Cow where on any given day she is sharing her thoughts on subjects near and dear to the hearts of Moms; everything from nutrition to education to child rearing and the challenges of balancing work and family.

America’s favorite cow was first introduced in 1937 and after 75 years, Elsie has never gotten old. She appeared in print, on the radio, and even in movies. Yet over the years it seemed as if she had been put out to pasture. We thought it was time to bring Elsie back and give her a contemporary way to connect with today’s moms. After all, Elsie was a mom herself and spoke her mind about topics dealing with family, kids and health. And what better way to connect than through social media?

So we established a social media identity for Elsie and gave her Facebook and Pinterest pages where she could continue her mission to bring moms together. With her sharp wit and a giant hoof-sized keyboard, Elsie celebrates the things that make kids unique, shares her wisdom on helping them grow up healthy and strong and gives fans a friendly wink and a smile every once in a while. Tell me more about this project.


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