Texas Tourism

Website Excellence: TravelTex.com

Traveltex3 Cowboy

Our goal for the TravelTex.com redesign was to provide information, drive inquiries and increase the likelihood travelers would visit Texas. Since the launch in February 2013, TravelTex.com has had more than 1,450,000 unique visitors to the site, with 64% of out-of-state visitors reporting that they plan to take a trip after visiting the website. We wanted to make it easy for site visitors to explore vacation options and discover the variety of unique places and attractions that Texas has to offer as a destination. We even created a trip planner that allows visitors to bookmark attractions and places to create a one-of-a-kind experience and come back to it later.

Our research pointed to activities and attractions visitors were most interested in. Passion points such as music, food, outdoors and beaches drove the way we organized the website. In keeping with the campaign theme of “Texas. It’s like a whole other country,” the site featured the Texas passport. Passion points became stamps in the passport, and visitors could also explore by region and city.

In addition, the site was built using responsive design principles so it can be accessed and explored on tablet and mobile devices as well as on laptops and desktops.

This website enables users to discover all that Texas has to offer and customize their Texas Passport to create the perfect trip. The site makes it easy to find the places and things that interest visitors and it even allows people to book their trip right on the site.

Travel to Texas is on the rise, thanks in part to this effort. During 2012, more than 220 million visitors to Texas destinations spent upwards of $65 billion in the Lone Star State—up 7 percent over the previous year.