Different by Design


We are fiercely independent. From day one, we set out to do things differently. We started by bringing different disciplines together to solve our clients’ business challenges. This is why you won’t find walls between departments at Slingshot. (No, it wasn’t the work of a lazy architect.) We believe our freedom from the traditional agency model helps us create more impactful work. It defines our culture, drives collaboration, and is what makes working with Slingshot such doggone fun.


Insights Group

It’s true that numbers don’t lie, but demographics don’t tell the whole story either. That’s why we dig a little deeper. We are culture hunters and insight gatherers. And while we have nothing against M&Ms and two-way mirrors, we prefer observing people in their natural habitat, online or off. In the wild we discover what really drives behavior and how we can influence it.

We use a variety of research tools, including Iconoculture, Mintel, eMarketer, and MRI, plus our proprietary Digitally Informed Planning™ process that allows us to monitor consumer behaviors and evaluate the impact of prospective messaging in real world environments. To better understand our audiences, we have teams that monitor trends within specific generations and genders. From Millennials to Boomers, from Guys to Moms, we have experts who serve as the “consumer’s voice” when developing strategies and evaluating work.

Digital Presence new

Digital Presence Group

We’re kinda geeky. We love talking about emerging technology, apps, APIs and platforms that could generate better results for our clients. This team of thought leaders and technology experts map out the places where people, brands, media and technology intersect. They are responsible for learning about and understanding emerging technology, sharing that knowledge internally and with clients as new developments in technology arise, keeping abreast of what competitive brands are doing in the space, and applying forward-thinking digital strategy to drive business results for our clients. Along the way they move people closer to action. No fancy transporter pad needed.

Message Delivery New

Message Delivery Group

Our philosophy is that in order to cut through the clutter and make an impact, creative, media and technology must be in perfect harmony. Sure, it may sound like new age, hippie talk, but there’s something to be said for cross-pollinating disciplines. It leads to new and better ideas. It ensures flawless execution. It creates brand experiences. This mantra is the core tenant of our Message Delivery Group. With members from all walks of agency life, this team collaborates to leverage creative thinking, new media opportunities and advances in technology while bringing balance to the force.

Industry Verticals

To provide clients depth of expertise in their respective industries, we center senior leadership with years of experience in specific types of business as well as supplying a wealth of related resources.  It allows us to dedicate attention to client needs and stay ahead of marketplace changes. This means you’ll find Slingshotters writing for the same trade publications clients read and attending the same conferences. Some clients look at this like having an extension to their marketing department. Others think we’re stalking them.

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