Slingshot Snapshot Kristy Ladner

It’s that time again! Welcome to our second Slingshot Snapshot, y’all! Up next is the one and only Kristy Ladner. When she’s not running at White Rock Lake or listening to Tori Amos, Jason Aldean or Girl Talk, she’s our Vice President of Digital Presence. But there’s more to her story than that. Read on to learn all about Kristy.

How did you get into the ad biz? 
I was a marketing major at UT and happened to take Intro to Advertising as a pass/fail class the last semester of my senior year (meaning I barely passed, because, hello?! senior year). I met Owen at a career fair and stumbled into advertising and Slingshot.

What are some of your favorite memories of your career thus far?
Luckily, my career has intersected with my personal passion for NASCAR. A couple of my favorite memories include:

  • Interviewing NASCAR racing legend Richard Childress for Web videos we created for Jack Daniel’s Racing
  • Getting to line up with Clint Boyer’s pit crew for the national anthem at Atlanta Motor Speedway
  • Meeting Eddie Gossage while pitching Texas Motor Speedway

Shifting gears slightly, where's your focus professionally and personally? How has that changed through the years? 
I started at Slingshot as an account coordinator and worked my way up to a group account director. About four years ago, I moved into the digital strategy role to run our Digital Presence Group. I really love that there’s so much to learn working in digital strategy.

Personally, my 3-year-old has changed the way I manage my work-life balance. Thankfully, Slingshot has supported me going to a four-day workweek in order to spend more time with my little guy.

If you were a food, what food would you be and why?
Mac ’n’ cheese. Because, for one, cheese. Secondly, it makes people smile, and I try to be as positive as I can. Lastly, and this may be stretching it a little, but while mac ’n’ cheese is a universal comfort food, we see restaurants making their mark by innovating and putting their own spin on the dish, just like I try to help constantly evolve our clients’ digital presence. Cheesy, I know. (See what I did there?!)

You sound delicious! What might your coworkers be most surprised to learn about your life before Slingshot?
Kids used to ask for my autograph! I worked at Walt Disney World for a summer in college and drove a boat at Epcot. All the kids wanted a photo with “Captain Kristy”!

Stay tuned for more of our Tour de Slingshot. Until next time, feel free to meet the rest of our team and check out what we do all day.

Posted Tue, Sep 1, 2015 by Holly Betts in Fun