Mobile video and its rapid growth

Yesterday, AdWeek published a report titled, “Mobile Video Has Jumped 400% in the Last Two Years.” This brief but informative article is worth a read, whether you’re on the client side or, like us, the advertising side. 

Not only does Melissa Rudy discuss this HUGE spike in mobile video consumption in the past two years, she also reveals several other definitive points of data about mobile video that have us thinking about future client projects.

Below are a few of Rudy’s most interesting takeaways:

  • When it comes to watching mobile video, shorter is sweeter.
  • Longer videos are typically watched on bigger screens.
  • Weather conditions impact the amount of online video viewing.
  • More consumption of high-value content on multiple devices, “…underscores the need for sophisticated analytics to inform programming and monetization strategies.” 

We can help with that!

Do you find yourself watching more mobile videos than last year? Do you view videos on multiple devices? Let us know your experience with mobile video in the comments below.

Mobile Video and its rapid growth

Image Source: AdWeek



Posted Tue, Sep 16, 2014 by Slingshot LLC. in News