White Paper:
The Slingshot Tech Stack

In many ways, while technology has made media planning and buying, particularly digital planning and buying easier and more efficient, it has become much more challenging to manage the digital buying process on the back end.  With that in mind, over the past few years we’ve been developing a best-in-class portfolio of management services to help us in the following five areas: 


  1. Ad Serving.  Ad hosting, serving and last-click/impression conversion tracking.
  2. Attribution Modeling.  For years, the last ad served or the last click was given full credit for the conversion.  We all knew that shouldn’t be the case but there wasn’t a viable alternative until we had the ability to track all digital touch points along a path to conversion and then assigns/attributes a share of the final conversion to each vendor responsible for the action.
  3. Verification.  Process to verify brand-safe content where our ads run, to check for viewable vs. non-viewable ad placements and, perhaps most importantly, to detect human vs. bot-generated clicks and prevent ads from being served when fraudulent activity is suspected.
  4. Whitelisting.  Automation of the site list review process, verifying adherence to whitelists and creating a universal “safe” master list for our brands.
  5. Advanced Video Insights.  Deeper insights into our online video performance above just impressions and clicks. We are able to measure up to 14 different signals (publisher, day of week, time of day, browser type, player size, etc.) which gives us much more information for optimizing our video buys.

We’re always looking for ways to continue to improve and expand our technology stack.  We’ll keep you posted as things develop.


Posted Fri, Nov 14, 2014 by Gordon Law in White Papers, News