Mashable Connect 2012

I attended Mashable Connect for the second year and once again had an amazing experience. From listening to eye-opening talks about the future of digital, to connecting with other attendees amidst the magic of Disney World, Mashable truly did put on the ‘Happiest conference on Earth’.


Here are some takeaways from my favorite content sessions:

  • On the heels of launching impactful programs for American Express with Foursquare and Twitter, Leslie Berland of American Express shared her advice for creating successful social programs: Identify the unmet need, prioritize the opportunities, be first to market (which requires internal organizational shifts in process), create authentic relationships, and create non-replicable programs.
  • Dermot McCormick of MTV reminded us that technology is nothing without having a great story to tell. Social media is just the telephone, but it is up to us to create the compelling conversation.  He also reiterated the importance of content being endemic to each social media platform for it to resonate with followers.  It shouldn’t be just a dumping ground for the traditional content you already are making.
  • Meghan Peters of Mashable led a great panel discussion on the future importance of mobile social networking with the CEO of Sonar, CEO of SoundTracking, and Co-Founder of Stamped. Bart Stein of Stamped made the point that the primary device for publishing content is now the mobile phone, while the consumption of content still takes place across multiple devices. In-phone cameras, GPS, and audio recording abilities make capturing and creating content as easy as making a status update.  For more on this exciting topic, check out Meghan’s article here:
  • And the awe-inspiring Cindy Gallop, founder of, led a break-out session and a talk about the importance of communication through demonstration. No longer can we just tell consumers what our brand is about, we must show them through actions that reinforce our brand values.

In addition, I was blown away by the 3D printing capabilities of, the burst then decay trend of traffic to shared links via, the need to listen to future-shaping millennials by 14-year-old Adora Svitak, and the charge to “unmute the web” by Soundcloud.

And in true Disney fashion, plenty of pixie dust went around – Mickey ice cream bars at breaks, flaming macaroni and cheese for lunch, and an exclusive visit to Hollywood Studios where we got to mingle with Luke, Leia, Chewy, Vader and plenty of storm troopers on Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you)!

I’m so thankful to have participated and would be happy to talk anyone’s ears off about the experience and the learnings!

P.S., I was thrilled to see Borden Milk at breakfast with my Mickey-shaped pancakes! 

Posted Tue, May 8, 2012 by Kristy Ladner in News